RCMP Assault by Constable Jimmieson and Constable Cumming
Heavily Armed RCMP and Military With Automatic Weapons Invoking Martial Law on Behalf of The Democracy of Canada Against UNARMED Peaceful Women, Men and Children Protesting For Freedom. Freedom Convoy 2022.
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RCMP Assault by Constable Cumming and Constable Jimmieson | RCMP Arrest Video

My Name is Paul, I am a law abiding senior citizen. I live by the RULES every day, It seems no-one in authority does anymore.
RCMP Violent Arrest Video I have three videos to share of my violent, unlawful a, very illegal arrest and TORTURE. After I was grabbed by Constable Jimmieson I dropped my phone, I could no longer hold onto it.

Video #1 ..

Mall Security Guard patrolling Kelowna SuperStore

approached me and told me "That I Was The One", this video is after he had already approached me the first time and asked if "I knew who was sleeping behind the dumpster". To be honest I found him to be weird! After eating peacefully at the same location for months this was the first security guard to approach me, all the other security simply drove by. When Constable Jimmieson arrived he told me that SuperStore called the RCMP, he never had his facts straight from the beginning. I spoke to the SuperStore Manager minutes before he arrived and he told me that security was not employed by Superstore. The Superstore NEVER called security as claimed by Constable Jimmieson. The SuperStore manager told me he would call mall security and tell them that I was only eating in the shade.
It is called:

A Superstore Security Guard With Very Small Brains

Kelowna Super Store Security Calls Police on a Peaceful Senior Citizen

Video #2 ..

In this recording I tried establishing the reason for Constable Jimmieson approaching me in the first place. Any law abiding, peaceful senior citizen would want to know the reasons the RCMP was there. He was not very clear on the reasons and really did not appear to want me to know. He seemed determined for Identification. I was lawfully and peacefully eating food in my vehicle in the shade of the store that I purchased it from. I was hoping for a solid answer from Constable Jimmieson for his reasons. I expected something like "We have received a compliant from Superstore and I am here to issue you a Parking Ticket"... NOW that is a reason. Later I realized something bad to me was about to happen when more officers began arriving and surrounding me. These guys are low quality Bottom of The Barrel IDIOTS!
It is called:

Lying Retard Constable Jimmieson on a Mission for Torture.

Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson violent assault and torture of a senior citizen who was peacefully eating in the shade of Superstore

Video #3 ..

In this recording Constable Cumming has arrived for a violent RCMP backup and approached me. When Officer Cumming got to the door of my vehicle I was grabbed by Constable Jimmieson on his allegations that mere garbage he found on the floor of my vehicle were Dime Bags. These guys are Liars. I was arrested for constructed allegations of being in Possession of Dime Bags for the purpose of trafficking. I was

handcuffed, searched, my wallet taken and searched, dragged and beaten by these two officers.

These are very cowardly officers that are to be avoided, I was

restrained, beaten and arrested for completely from thin air, mere allegations..

It is called:

A Brain Dead RCMP Officer.. Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming

Kelowna Superstore Security Calls Police on a Peaceful Senior Citizen

Keep your vehicle windows open a crack, the doors locked and vehicle in gear with your foot on the brake when you see these criminals coming your way. Expect the same violence and lies. Do not be fooled by the UNIFORM as a symbol of trust. Instruct them to keep a 20 foot distance for your personal safety. The most peaceful situation will result in you being tortured if the RCMP decide. Be prepared to be violently beaten, traumatized, tortured and assaulted.

RCMP Assault and Torture of Canada
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It is a very dangerous RCMP officer who fails to recognize he has done wrong. An officer not to be trusted by anyone.
email: info@rcmpassault.com
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