RCMP Assault on Canadian Democracy
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RCMP Assault of Canada

RCMP Assault - RCMP Torture

My Name is Paul, I am a law abiding senior citizen - I live by the RULES every day, It seems no-one in authority does anymore.

A Kelowna RCMP Police Hate Crime and Torture - Packed Full of Canadian RCMP Police Illusions.
Kelowna RCMP Torture and Nazi Gestapo Gang Style Takedown of a Law Abiding and 100% Sober Handcuffed Senior Citizen.
Fabricated Evidence used for Unlawful Search, Violent Arrest and Driving Suspension.
Two Cowardly Kelowna Gestapo NAZI RETARD LIARS!
1. Kelowna Gestapo RCMP Constable Jimmieson
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Badge Number 66986
1190 Richter Street,
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 2K7
(250) 762-3300

2. Kelowna Gestapo RCMP Constable Cumming.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Badge Number 65188
1190 Richter Street,
Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 2K7
(250) 762-3300
A RCMP police officer seeing things... or thinks they are seeing things that are not real, is a great danger to society as a whole. The strength of the officer's mental ability must be put under scrutiny before innocent people are injured.

Kelowna Senior Arrested on Bogus Allegations
My name is Paul, I am a law abiding senior citizen living in Kelowna British Columbia. I was handcuffed and then beaten by the Kelowna RCMP. I had an unprovoked Canadian style RCMP Police takedown, assault and RCMP torture causing severe injuries. Out of thin air Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming made allegations of drug possession for the purposes of trafficing that included license suspensions, none of it true. I had a license suspension while being 100% sober. Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming cannot be trusted if they approach you.
Peaceful Dinner Interrupted by Drug Bust and RCMP Assault.
Over the last few summer months I purchased food almost daily at the Kelowna Superstore and due to hot weather parked at the back of the store to eat in the shade. After months of eating at the same location, Kelowna Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna Officer Constable Cumming attended on August 12, 2021 in two separate Canadian RCMP Police vehicles. Canadian Police Officer Constable Jimmieson was first to approach me, He told me that "They received a complaint from Kelowna Superstore asking me to move my vehicle". He would not answer any of my questions.
Kelowna RCMP Police Officers relentless need for a Drug Bust
Kelowna Officer RCMP Police Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming seemed to have this relentless need for a drug bust at all cost including License Suspensions. With only mere allegations pulled out of thin air they arrested, handcuffed, hit me on the head, assaulted me and tortured me in the back of a locked police vehicle. A successful arrest, drug bust and License Suspension of a law abiding senior who is sober and without drugs.
Brutal RCMP Assault by Kelowna RCMP Police
After I was handcuffed, Kelowna RCMP Officer Constable Jimmieson dragged me backwards holding onto the cuffs until I caught up to his pace and turned around. The Police vehicle about 30 feet away. He never spoke a word the entire time. When at the RCMP Police vehicle, Kelowna RCMP Police Officer Jimmieson held the cuffs while the other police officer, Kelowna Officer Cumming, was hitting my head creating major head trauma, they remained silent the whole time during this Canadian RCMP assault on me. I don't know why, but there was a method to the head blows that twisted my head toward the shoulder causing my neck injury. Blows to my head with an open hand of Kelowna Police Constable Cumming. Why? I was not resisting. I was seriously man handled and beaten as I was physically thrown into the back of the police vehicle. They never said a word the entire time they assaulted me. This assault has created very serious, life changing, trauma to my neck and head. I never deserved this. A few weeks later I was rushed to hospital emergency, twice in the same week, as my nose had been bleeding for weeks and now my arms were getting numb and sharp pain in my legs. I was connected to machines diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and an irregular heartbeat and placed on heart medication. These officers are criminals.
No Drug Crimes Committed by Senior Citizen
Kelowna Police Constable Jimmieson placed me under arrest for the possession of a narcotic for the purpose of trafficking.
RCMP Violent Extremism and Torture of an Innocent Canadian
It was 35 degrees outside at the time of the Canadian RCMP assault. I was confined into a HOT - not air conditioned police vehicle. Dogs don't get this type of RCMP Torture like I received.. I was seriously traumatized being tortured confined in a small locked space for probably 20-30 minutes with tight handcuffs that were making my wrists bleed. I pleaded from the locked Canadian RCMP Police vehicle to loosen my handcuffs. I was bleeding. The Canadian RCMP torture continued. I was in serious pain. My fingers were turning purple. Canadian RCMP torture and RCMP assault of a Canadian senior citizen who was restrained and locked up in a confined space.
The Medical doctors that I spoke with, who examined my injuries, and the general population overwhelmingly support court action against these violent officers. This was an unprovoked attack on a person who was simply eating dinner in the shade. Many amazing people stepping up and offering solid character references for court. This is what I need right now. Thanks everyone.
Deemed Guilty With Every Human Right Removed
I never provided consent to Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Officer Cumming to be inside my motorhome searching for drugs, they had no reason or probable cause for any search. I had a serious invasion of my privacy, I was violated. No drugs found. Anyone in contact with Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson or Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming should have reason to be concerned for personal safety.
Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Jimmieson has mental issues.
I am hopeful that this website helps Kelowna Canadian RCMP Police Constable Jimmieson to seek a PSYCHIATRIC ASSESSMENT for a mental disorder that has him seeing things that do not exist. Police Constable Jimmieson may have serious mental problems that could have more law abiding seniors in our community injured by Constable Jimmieson by a violent Canadian RCMP assault. Constable Jimmieson mental assessment should analyze whether the RCMP assault, RCMP torture and his violent nature is a part of his seeing things that are not real. It may be possible Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson has unstable control issues over other people that has him seeing things that are not there.
Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming has mental issues.
I am hopeful that this website encourages Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming to seek professional psychiatric help for his rather serious problems of seeing things that are not real. Constable Cumming inability to correctly rationalize can place innocent life seriously at risk. RCMP Constable Cumming potentially serious mental disorder may prevent him from seeing what is real which may give rise to his violent nature, RCMP assault and RCMP torture of other law abiding seniors within our community.
Law Abiding Senior with Absolutely No Prior Drug Offences
I never in my life had been arrested before, never assaulted by the RCMP before, it was a brutal experience. I am out of pocket for costs and have sustained long term injury from the Canadian RCMP assault and RCMP torture. I had a total invasion of my privacy. Although I was not driving at the time, my driver's licence was taken away with a drug related report sent to ICBC.
RCMP Gestapo Violent NAZI Extremism and RCMP Torture.
There was absolutely no reasonable nor probable cause for these renegade Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna Constable Cumming to suspect anything other than me parked in the shade peacefully eating. Because this is exactly what I was doing.
The garbage at my feet was alleged drugs, no reason for suspicion.. no probable cause to grab me, These RCMP Officers are the criminals and not me. They made a drug criminal completely from thin air with fabricated evidence.
Kelowna RCMP Refusal to Provide Police Report
The Disclosure Department of the Kelowna Canadian RCMP Police have refused to provide me a copy of the police file, someone outside the RCMP torture has told me these officers will lie and never tell the truth regarding this assault and will claim that it was my fault, or that I resisted arrest. Apparently this claim has been used successfully many times within the courts for crooked Canadian RCMP Police to avoid prosecution.
Request for Body Camera of RCMP Police Assault
I video recorded as much as I could. But naturally dropped my phone and could not video the Canadian RCMP assault by Kelowna Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming but kept asking Officer Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Police Constable Cumming if they had body camera. It would have been quite impossible for me to hold the camera and record the assault while being hit on the head by Constable Cumming while my hands were handcuffed and held behind me. I continue to have hope for RCMP vehicles dash camera and the RCMP obtained store surveillance video. RCMP dash camera since they allege criminal activity, every RCMP is equipped with dash camera. I called the store the manager he told me he would not provide me with video evidence of the assault, that he would provide it to the RCMP. As time passes the availability of this evidence becomes more unlikely. Doesn't the RCMP LOOK FOR VIDEO EVIDENCE OF AN ASSAULT WHEN IT HAPPENS? RCMP most likely will REFUSE video they have, or should have had. These guys are liars.
Kelowna Senior Following the Rules Violently Taken into Custody Without Resisting
I disputed all Kelowna RCMP Police allegations immediately at the scene and later to the insurance company. I requested a blood sample for testing and urine testing to prove I was sober and was refused by Kelowna RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming. Didn't they also want the truth? After an Appeal to Insurance, they would not remove this drug conviction off my record. I am totally scared as FUTURE RCMP WILL BELIEVE that I am a convicted drug criminal.
Events Prior to Kelowna RCMP Assault, RCMP Torture
Earlier I spoke to the manager of SuperStore who said he would call the security company and let them know I am only eating in the shade. I have shared a recorded audio on this website of a very respectful conversation with the manager of Superstore just 15-20 minutes prior to the Canadian RCMP assault.
Canadian RCMP Police Says Shut Up.. or Get Towed
While the Kelowna Canadian RCMP Police were getting ready to leave I told the officers "you guys are in big trouble, I am going to the hospital emergency and will have drug test done" they told me to "shut up or they would have my vehicle towed" which only added to my distress. What is wrong with these guys? I shut up totally from this point as I did not want my vehicle towed... I asked them to call an ambulance... which Constable Cumming refused.
Out of Pocket Expenses to Prove Innocence
I appealed and paid for a driving record review of my suspension within the required 7 days. My appeal FAILED to overturn the police officers outrageous and FAKE roadside DRUG CRIMINAL convictions against me. I became a verified drug criminal in the eyes of the government at this time, never in my life before this. Based upon my limited understanding of drug crimes, even when overturned this drug conviction remains on my file as a previous unconvicted drug offence. I will still be subject to future violent police takedowns.
Future Violent Drug Arrests Based Upon Untruthful Drug Convictions.
It is traumatizing to have become a drug criminal when I do not consume drugs. What will the next Gestapo RCMP officer think when scanning my drivers license and seeing drug roadside convictions? This undoubtedly will result in more violent Gestapo takedowns and allegations. Canada is following a Hitler Gestapo style of government policing.

Kelowna RCMP Assault    
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RCMP Assault and RCMP Torture Services
RCMP Torture, RCMP Assault, Unlawful Search and Unlawful Arrest are common within the Canadian RCMP. RCMP Assault Police of Canada provides unlawful Arrests of Law abiding Canadians. Canadian RCMP Torture along with RCMP Assault are viewed as a required part of RCMP operatioms, Canadian Violent RCMP Policing for alleged Drug Crimes, RCMP Assaults of Senior Citizens are done by Policing contract basis between the federal and provincial governments. The Canadian Police provide unlawful RCMP Arrest, RCMP Assault, the unlawful Policing and RCMP torture of Senior Canadians. Kelowna RCMP members of the Canadian RCMP Assault Police have jurisdiction over local unlawful Arrest using Police Torture of senior citizens living in Kelowna. Despite the name, RCMP Assault Police, they are skilfully trained for Unlawful Arrest. RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming RCMP Assault Police are responsible for the Unlawful Arrest of Senior Canadian's and RCMP Assault using Police False Arrest laws in Canada.
Other RCMP Violent Policing duties include alleging law abiding people are Drug Criminals in order for RCMP Assault Crimes, RCMP Violent Policing and Police torture, which provides front-line Kelowna RCMP Assault and RCMP torture services for Canadian cities that include unlawful arrest of seniors alleged to be Canadian Drug Criminals under the direction of the provincial and federal governments. The Canadian RCMP Unlawful Vehicle Searches and RCMP unlawful arrests in Canada are both well established in law. Canadian RCMP Torture and RCMP assault is used to take control of seniors during the unlawful arrest and unlawful search in Canada. Many municipalities throughout Canada contract the Violent Policing efforts of the RCMP Assault Police for Unlawful Vehicle Searches. Thus, the Canadian RCMP have power for the Unlawful Arrest, RCMP torture of law abiding Kelowna Senior Citizens using proven methods of the Canadian RCMP Assault Police. In addition providing illegal License Suspensions by using mere allegations, Kelowna RCMP Constable Cumming and RCMP Constable Jimmieson. In some areas of RCMP Assault and Violent Policing in Canada, Canadian RCMP License Suspensions are given RCMP superior powers over the legalized misconduct of officers as it applies to unlawful Arrest of law abiding citizens in Canada.
RCMP Constable Jimmieson and Constable Cumming unlawful arrest, RCMP Torture and RCMP assault are mandated to focus upon Senior Citizens. Illegal Vehicle Search operations include: Alleged Canadian Drug Crimes, Unlawful Arrest, RCMP torture, RCMP assault of a Canadian seniors who are placed into custody. Canadian RCMP Torture lawless mandate includes commercial drug crime, RCMP alleged drug trafficking, RCMP organized drug crimes and alleged drug intoxication; providing unlawful arrest of seniors. Kelowna Violent RCMP Assault force assists in these Canadian unlawful Policing efforts.
RCMP False Arrests provide front-line Kelowna RCMP Assault and RCMP torture services within Canada. In Kelowna the RCMP have a deeply established unlawful Arrest policy as in other parts of Canada. There are RCMP alleged Drug Crimes, RCMP tortures and RCMP assault. RCMP support units fail to investigate corrupt Kelowna Police efforts including Constable Cumming and RCMP Constable Jimmieson Drug Crimes, RCMP assault and RCMP torture. Investigations fail to include it's own RCMP members. RCMP License Suspensions, emergency Kelowna unlawful arrests, alleged drug crimes and Kelowna undercover Violent RCMP operations. RCMP continually are on the hunt for their next law abiding victim to handcuff, assault and RCMP torture. Under its unlawful arrest policy the Police Services within the RCMP and Canadian RCMP Assault Police support Kelowna RCMP Unlawful Arrest in Canada via the Canadian Violent Policing Information Centre. This service is vital to the success of Canadian Violent Policing.
The Canadian RCMP Unlawful Vehicle Searches and RCMP License Suspensions for alleged drug driving offences and other criminal intelligence, drug related crimes including unlawful Arrest in Canada and RCMP torture. RCMP assault force in Canada has also assisted numerous other agency with the need for unlawful Arrests of Canadians by the RCMP Assault Police. Vehicle Searches relating to alleged Drug crimes are designed to assimilate with RCMP License Suspensions. RCMP crimes are organized not to call public attention to conditions relating to RCMP torture, alleged intoxication and license suspensions, permitting the unlawful Canadian Violent Policing reverberations being unnoticed.
Many members of the Canadian RCMP and Police Torture group use unlawful arrest in Canada as a means to gain submission from the population of Canada, including unlawful License Suspensions, Unlawful Arrest, and unlawful vehicle searches..
Absorbed by Kelowna Police, Kelowna Constable Cumming and Kelowna Constable Jimmieson form a part of the Canadian Violent Policing RCMP Assault Police Torture Squad. The acquisition of the Canadian RCMP Branch facilitated the first effective RCMP torture..
The Canadian RCMP Assault Police Security Service ensures the safety of the police during an unlawful arrest while maintaining the maximum amount of physical pain to the innocent law abiding Canadian senior citizen during and after the arrest. So unlawful arrests and Canadian Violent Policing go unnoticed by the public.
The RCMP Assault, RCMP False Arrest, RCMP Torture, Canadian Violent Policing intelligence and counterintelligence branch for population torture and RCMP assault is RCMP security responsibilities.
Revelations surfaced that the Canadian RCMP Unlawful Vehicle Search and RCMP torture services regarding the Violent Policing in Canada engaged in crimes against Canadian Citizens. The Canadian RCMP Assault Police and Canadian RCMP Torture squad nonetheless continue to share responsibility for unlawful arrest in Canada and in the unlawful License Suspensions of law abiding citizens.

My advice to all Canadians is when you see any Canadian RCMP Police coming your way, stay in your vehicle, stay calm, lock your doors and have only a slim crack of your window open to speak to them. You do not know beforehand what these officers intend. Plenty of people are doing this today. You cannot trust these people, they have handcuffs, guns, clubs and tazors. If you are asked to step outside your vehicle, ask them why, let them know that your vehicle is in gear and your foot is on the brake and you cannot get out at that moment.. but that you are willing to drive to another location where you will feel safe. Let the officers know that you will get out of the vehicle upon being parked in a well populated area.. I am talking about parking right in front of a shopping centre entrance doors with many people walking by you all the time. I think being handcuffed by the Gestapo is the most dangerous, since this gives them permission to torture you however they choose. If you decide to rely on the good will image of the Gestapo, be careful, they grab you fast. Remember these dudes are gang style, they could restrain you, assault you or claim anything without cause. You need witnesses, since they are not there to help you.

Kelowna RCMP Assault    
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It is a very dangerous RCMP officer who fails to recognize he has done wrong. An officer not to be trusted by anyone.

email: info@rcmpassault.com